Carrie Taylor


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A Glimpse of the Sea, with May in Flower
Autumnal Colour, the Cot Stream
Ballowal Fields
Breezy Autumn, Sancreed
Frosted Twigs
Long Summer Shadows
Marsh Thistle
Mist over the Field
Russet and Thorn
Red Sorrel Leaves with Vioilets, Cornish Hedge
Rock Pools and Herring Gulls
Rushing Stream
Sea of Bluebell Leaves
Shades of Heather
Summer Stream
The Rookery at Dusk
Wild Marshy Ground
After the Rain
Winter Blue
Winter Hawthorn
Hazel Coppice, Early Mist
Campion Hedge
Knapweed Seedheads in the Hedge
Waves at Priest's Cove
A Touch of Red
St. Ives Summer
Moorland with Heather
Primroses on the Cornish Hedge
Cliffs, North Coast
Winter Bracken near Zennor
Facing the Atlantic, Crowns Mine
Overgrown Mine Buildings, Cot Valley
Cornfield with Lowering Sky
A Wild Charm
Little Hawthorn on the Carn
Fields at St. Buryan
Winter Flock of Linnets and Pipits
Morning Snow
Evening on the Moor
The Crow's Nest
Three Gulls
Early Flowers, Sunshine Kenidjack Valley
Wild Flower Hedge
Land's End Dusk, November
Soft Snow Cape Cornwall Blues and Browns Blustery Day in Kenidjack Charlock with Foxgloves
Dense Undergrowth with Foxgloves Summer Evening, Trengwainton On Top of Chapel Carn Brea Sheep's-bit Blue Winter Gorse
  Furze Hedge, Summer Carn Gloose, Autumn Bluebells